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Voyage Real Estate was founded in 2016 in a small, shared office in the Belmont-DeVilliers neighborhood. Over the course of a year, that historic cottage hosted many interviews, brainstorming sessions, and team meetings as the Voyage team grew.

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Since then, we've focused on building a service that reflects our humble beginnings - deliberately and confidently focusing on quality experiences for our clients over chasing volume of sales. After all, the agents at Voyage believe that relationships are far more valuable.


Highest & Best

Because in the end, the biggest and most lasting thing our company can create for our agents, our clients, and our community is a legacy that puts people and place first. This impact is a positive force in every community where a Voyage office can be found.




Voyage is a company that doesn't cling to industry practices just because that's the way it's always been done. Instead, we reassess how we serve our clients to implement the best practices as tastes shift, technology improves, and the industry changes.



The core of our business isn't selling properties. It's connecting our clients to special places - whether it's raising a family, investing for retirement, or starting a business. Places are incredibly important to us in our daily lives, and our company understands that. 

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700 N DeVilliers St.
Pensacola, FL 32501
P: (850) 733-7444



North Hill
East Hill
Old East Hill
Cordova Park
East Pensacola Heights
The Tanyard
Westside-Garden District

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